Tobias "Tobi" Hofmann was born in Munich / Bavaria.

At the age of 6 he became a member of the world-wide known "Tölzer Knabenchor" (boys choir) and started playing piano. During his school years, he took up the drums and trumpet and started writing own arrangements.  After finishing school he studied jazz-composition with Rob Pronk at the conservatory of Rotterdam/NL and acting at famous theatre school "Ernst Busch" in Berlin/Germany.

As a stage musician, actor and director he worked for big German theatres, such as Hamburger Schauspielhaus, Staatsschauspiel Dresden, Theater Basel and many more.

As a musician, he performs in many different musical formations and musical genres. He is the trumpet-playing leader of the "Tobi Hofmann Quintet", for which he also does a lot of composing. Fascinated by extreme acoustic conditions, he did some exceptional projects containing musical improvisations at very special places. Together with saxophonist Ulrich Wangenheim, he recorded inside a nuclear reactor (cd "inside"), in underground reservoirs of the Munich sewage water system (cd "wasser:weg") and in the gorgeous basilica of Altenstadt/Bavaria (cd "heller raum").

Since 2011 he is musical director at the city theatre of Ingolstadt.

He also continues his work as a stage director.

Willkommen auf der offiziellen Seite des Musikers und Schauspielers Tobi Hofmann!

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